Totti: No problem with Garcia

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مُساهمة Totti: No problem with Garcia

مُساهمة من طرف Ch.Marwen في الخميس 13 نوفمبر 2014, 18:21

Francesco Totti has denied talk of a rift with Roma coach Rudi Garcia by insisting they have a "wonderful relationship".
Club legend Totti was unable to hide his frustration when he was substituted in Sunday's 3-0 Serie A victory over Torino.

The veteran forward revealed that his reaction was based on his disappointment at being unable to get on the scoresheet and says has no problem with Frenchman Garcia.

He told Corriere dello Sport: "As captain, I say we're a good squad, driven by a coach with whom we've established a very good relationship since he arrived at Roma.

"I say this because of the reaction that has surrounded my substitution on Sunday evening. I made things clear to the coach at the end of the game.

"In the days since, we’ve worked in perfect harmony during training as we always do. We joked around, and nothing has affected our wonderful relationship.

"I’m not always happy to leave the pitch  before the final whistle, the coach said the same thing.

"At that moment I wanted to top off my performance with a goal, but that’s secondary to the collective interests of the team.

"We are a group, and it’s only together that we can achieve the goals we set themselves."

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